The Day we Stopped Dreaming About Tomorrow [Video]

The intention of this project is to stress the importance of advancing the space frontier and is focused on igniting scientific curiosity in the general public.



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  1. Eh? Didn't it say at the beginning the whole point of NASA was to keep the upper ground on other nations? When other nations stopped bothering with space travel, there was no military incentive for us to bother with it either. The beginning part and the end part seem to contradict each other.

    Don't get me wrong though, I think pulling funding from NASA is a bad idea. Trimming the budget is needed, but its sad when the places that get trimmed are the ones that supply jobs and help improve the quality of life for a nation. :(

    • Draw,
      I have started to believe that the cold war artificially boosted us as a society into space before we were ready. I think it is much like the history of seafaring(just moving alot faster). We have to have an impetus to move, for seafaring it was commerce. What will it be for space?

      I just hope we can capture that awe and excitement (sans war) in my lifetime

      • That's a very interesting observation. I hope we keep pushing the boundaries and eventually goes to Mars… and beyond… :D

        Why did I get so many thumbs down? =_=;; I was expressing my confusion of the differing messages of the video. I wasn't saying I hated NASA or anything, I *like* NASA…..

      • Return on investment is the name of the game here. Until someone can objectively make the case that space has ROI, no one will care to go there. Even in our glory days of earthbound exploration, there was always a reason behind our having gone there. As you said, trade possibilities pressed nations to invest in seafaring expeditions…like that little one that Columbus captained. It was the promise of gold (and, some say, the desire to find the waters of eternal life) that spurred Spain to invest in that venture.

        Sure, space exploration in and of itself is grand…but, to be honest, investment must ALWAYS come with a return or it isn't worthwhile.

        • You want return? How about harnessing solar energy? How about the precious minerals within asteroids? Perhaps products that need to be produced under lower gravity? Or how about just a hell of a lot more living space? Know why it's called SPACE? Because there's so much of it there.

          You want a return on NASA? I'd like a return on the gazillions of military bases we have around the world, or the fact that we spend more on our military budget than the next six nations or so COMBINED? If NASA had the budget of the military, we'd have space elevators and a moon base by now!

        • Let's take into account a way to measure "human value" and the value of values..What is the cost of a nation of people without dreams or vision ?

    • My thoughts exactly. We really don't need big government to take money from the private sector to move technology. Government reduces capital, not the other way around.

    • I have to disagree, while technology may be growing, we're losing touch with our future, everyone is focused with right now, and not the repercussions that this brings. While I understand your point I have to respectfully disagree that he has blinders, he's simply trying to boost interest in space travel and space exploration.

    • Are you serious? Do you know WHERE that technology was born? In the military! The internet–this wonderful monstrosity that we use to connect one with another–that was originally born from the ARPAnet. Alan Turing–a man whose name is synonymous with computer science–was a code-cracker who deciphered the Nazis' enigma machines.

      So much of the technology we took for granted today descended from government-funded research and technologies–and another thing: the government money is *our* money. Are you so greedy that you'd get angry over a fraction of your tax dollar going to fund R & D to explore the universe?

  2. Surely some sort of arrangement could be made within the UN to continue NASA's manned missions. Obviously the American government wouldn't have complete control and it would no longer be military, (so not NASA persay… UNASA?) but if there was a concentrated effort and funding by multiple countries just imagine what we would achieve!

    Sadly I know this is never going to happen in my life time :(

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