The Comeback of Animated Gifs

Does anyone else remember the world before YouTube? Remember how animated gifs were all the rage? There was an animated gif just about anywhere you turned on the Internet. I particularly despised people who put them as wallpapers on their MySpace pages. *shudder*

But then YouTube and Facebook and broadband Internet came along so we could watch videos. Now we can watch HD videos. But as with many trends in history, animated gifs appears to be one that’s looping back around.

Over the last few months I’ve tended to notice quite the rise in animated gifs. Memes love to use them – they’re quick and easy to share. But not only that, there tends to be gifs all over the place.

Pleated-jeans does a little run down of animated gifs each week and I must say, I am getting a bit nostalgic for the 90s when I see them…

[Via pleated-jeans | Imgur]


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