When Irish Eyes are Smiling [Video]

With St.Patrick’s Day around the corner, people everywhere are preparing themselves for honourary Irish status and an excuse to drink green beer and lift a pint. Like we need a reason to drink beer?

Anyways, let’s not forget that for the faithful, St Patrick is the one who brought the Christian faith to Irish shores as a Catholic Bishop and used the Shamrock to illustrate the Holy Trinity. The tradition of Saint Patrick’s Day has evolved into a more secular celebration that includes leprechauns, the wearing of green clothes, and of course … attending the St Patrick’s Day Parade!

In a very creative way, the Atlanta parade this year was advertised with this traditional Irish ballad, When Irish Eyes are Smiling.

This is incredibly disturbing, but set against the haunting beauty of this classic Irish song in delicious three part harmony I can’t help but be moved.

Moved to drink beer of course!

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