So You Wanted Hot Men in Cosplay…

There’s been a bit of a lack of (hot) men in (good) cosplay – that’s pretty much obvious. So I went on a little bit of a hunt to see if I could track down some really good stuff. I mean, it’s gotta be out there right?

Well sometimes when you’re looking for hot men in awesome clothes, there’s one community you can almost always rely on: the gay males.

Yup – I dug up some ripped men in tight clothing, dressed as loveable fictional characters.

Fully visual independent publication, MUTO Manifesto published this magazine mid last year. It features one hot Mickey Mouse, a sexy Mario and Luigi team, and an enchanting Randor, the good and noble King of Eternia.

So gaymers, other male homosexual geeks, and those who appreciate the masculine form – here’s one for you.

WARNING: NOT SAFE FOR WORK. Or for those uncomfortable with homosexuality.

Muto Manifesto Volume 2

[Via Kotaku]

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