8 GB: 1995 Vs. 2012


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  1. i knew someone(i used to play runescape and he would go pking with us), that would bring his floppy storage container thingy to the library(we played at the library since it was better than dial up and the dsl then). he had most of them labeled "cartoon porn" then a couple car and "normal porn"; lmfao… he probs has like 20 micro sd cards now with videos instead of images now lol

    they have also come down in prices soooo much

  2. Now now, to be fair, you guys don't know how many disks may be under or behind the desk, or hidden in closets, or in storage, or…

    • Yah was about to say, seeing 32GB in the same space is more impressive. They are already working on a stacked 64GB microSD card. My guess is it won't be out until 2013.

  3. Sorry, aside from the illustrated technology advance as far as data storage, what gets me is the passage of time. It feels a little surreal – seventeen years have passed since the top pic has had any relevancy, and yet, it doesn't really feel that way in my head.

  4. First of all, this is not 8GB in 1995. 8GB in 1995 would have just been a stack of a dozen CD-ROMs.

    Secondly, Re: to the comments above, 8192 is wrong. Storage capacities of physical storage mediums is not created to binary standards but rather to base10 (e.g., your 1TB hard drive is not 1024GB, it is 1000GB).

    Therefore, 8 [storage] gigs of 3.5″ floppies in 1995 would have required 5,556 of 1.44MB capacity, or 2778 2.88MB ED floppies, OR 400 3.5″ 20MB Floptical disks.

    • Er, sorry I meant CD-Rs. And yes CD burners were around in 1995, they just weren’t commonplace yet cause they were a bit expensive.

  5. The other day, I re-discovered MYST in my old room (It's a game, kids). I hooked up an adapter to my Netbook, popped in the disk…
    And the computer started laughing :(

  6. What is pictured couldn't be more than a thousand floppy disks.. I'm thinking 400-700. Yeah there were CD-R burners in 1995 but they were expensive, as well as external hard disks and zip drives (and tape drives?). But you would use them if you really needed to store a lot of data in less space or it had to be on a single drive/item. We get the point, though. Whatever you used in 1995 to store 8 GB of data is much larger than those little MicroSD cards we use now that go up to 32 GB.. er actually isn't the 64 GB SDXC card out already?

  7. All you folks saying it should have been CD-Rs, remember the Micro SD shown is 8GB RE-WRITABLE, not just a write-once, which really gets back to floppies 20 years ago.

    (And a 32 or 64 GB Micro SD is still the same size.)

    Oh! Don’t forget the overhead required for housekeeping in both formats – 1.44MB is not 1.44MB…

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