The Gentlemen’s Rant: The New iPad [Video]

Warning: Video contains strong language.

The gentlemen’s take on Apple’s brand new iPad, which is called just that, the new iPad. Not the iPad 3, not the iPad HD, just the iPad.

Thanks John!

3 Responses to The Gentlemen’s Rant: The New iPad [Video]

  1. Good point, but by about 25 seconds he was out of material. Short is good, funny is better, but short and funny is the bestest of them all.

  2. *sighs* I'm really sick of people not getting Apple. Apple is all about selling products. Period. Nothing more. Giving you features you want? having a good design? Its all byproduct. Its simply about what can sell a product. Its why Apple has always and will always be form over function. You want to know why the iPad is now JUST iPad? _____SALES_____!!! Nothing more. Apple is trying to turn their product into a commodity product that people just pick up once every 6-12 months. By calling each iteration of iPad its an attempt to blunt the fact that no, not really, you aren't getting anything all that different from the previous version. Each iteration is pretty much the same as the previous other then thinner and with maybe one or two new features. Marketing. That is all this is about.

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