The Tale of a Frustrated Geek Trying to get SDCC 2012 Tickets [Video]

My friends from Aggressive Comics tried to get tickets to attend the upcomming SCDD 2012 event, and well, let’s just say that it was a very frustrating experience. What about you guys? For those of you who tried to get tickets, how was your experience?



10 Responses to The Tale of a Frustrated Geek Trying to get SDCC 2012 Tickets [Video]

  1. No problems at all! Husborg and I logged in at the same time – he was #273 (!) and I was #2969. He had our two 4 day passes purchased within 5 minutes (and I left the waiting room immediately to free up space for my fellow geeks, of course!).

  2. This is f**ed up, I had a member ID and subscribe to their twitter feed and heard ZERO about them even opening up registration! When did this even happen? WTF???

  3. I got in after refreshing constantly for nearly half an hour… at number 40,211. So I won't be there!

  4. Me and my SO had little problem with getting on… after we copied and pasted the link.

  5. By the powers of ctrl+C, ctrl+V I got in at about 12,000th in line. Not too bad, it took less than an hour. The excitement grew with every 120 second interval. 4 Day badges were sold out two groups ahead of me but I was able to get a combination of Thursday-Sunday day passes.

    The sorrow of badge-less nerds could be felt across the world that day, though. Well, across the interwebs, at least.