Launching a LEGO Space Shuttle in Space [Video]

The launch took place from central Germany (easy flight clearance) and reached a max altitude of 35000m. A 1600g meteo balloon filled with helium was used alongside a GoPro Hero, Spot GPS and of course Lego Space Shuttle model 3367.

We launched it on the 31st of December 2011, the equipment was recovered via GPS tracking 240 km S-E from a remote area.

[Via Laughing Squid]


3 Responses to Launching a LEGO Space Shuttle in Space [Video]

  1. this is awesome one question what is the name of the song I have been trying to get it for years ever since I heard it on a nikkon advert.

  2. meh……different strokes for different folks. now if it had been cut loose and popped out a couple of 'chutes…..

  3. I imagine that indeed it had launched from there into the space, what if someday like in a billion years from now arrives in a planet with a not so developed form of life? like for example us (humanity) at the beginning of the last century?
    (supposing it survived the conditions in outer space and somehow landed well without melting)
    it would be an enormous… What the fuck!!!!
    beautiful video!! and also very nice music! thanks ;)

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