Josh Trank to Direct Venom

With Sony’s first run at Spider-Man behind them, that version of Venom is also a thing of the past. It also seemed the torturous road to a Venom stand-alone film was also left in the dust, but now we find out that newcomer Josh Trank has secured the director’s chair for the film.

Gordon and the Whale says:

[Josh Trank]is now set to helm the upcoming and long-gestating feature film, VENOM, looking at the story of the iconic villain from the Spider-Man universe. The film has been on the docket for what seems like years now, at least since the release of SPIDER-MAN 3 way back in 2007.

I honestly think that squishing Venom into the last Spidey film felt wrong. Sony pushed Venom into that chapter and it was a bad decision. There was a LOT wrong with Spider-Man 3, and Venom was only one part of it.

My bigger concern, now that they are going ahead with a Venom stand-alone film, is what it might turn into without Spider-Man involved.

Or will he?

But then it might just be cool to see Venom struggle with his darkness and have him incidentally create Carnage and get some perspective.

I could see Venom as a struggling Anti-Hero. What do you think?


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  1. The venom comic book was actually very good. Flash Thompson is a disabled vet who gets a chance to help his country by taking on the Venom costume 48 hours at a time. It could probably function without Spidey, but a Spidey intro would be a good thing.

  2. I really don't think there should be a Venom movie. There's no justice that can be done to the character, with the direction these kinds of movies always take. The character will be portrayed unfaithfully to the story, and just gonna shove a pointless love interest in there for no reason. Brock did have a girlfriend, but there was no romance involved.

  3. The Spidey fans want a gigantic Spidey / Venom movie done right. We want the apology for Spider-man 3! You can easily get a trilogy out of it if you throw Carnage in. All practically made for Hollywood effects. No one is hoping for more divorcing from what made the characters fun in the first place.
    Millions of dollars, no clue…

  4. Spiderman 3 was an atrocity, and only part of that was the attempt to shoehorn two major villains into one movie. To do the Spiderman/Venom storyline correctly would require at least three movies in an already established movie series. The first to add the new suit, explain what it is and establish it's benefits; a second to show how it degrades Spiderman's virtue and heroism; and a third to introduce the Venom character as an adversary. Doing anything less is not going to be effective storytelling.

    As for a Venom only movie? I'm sure that Hollywood will screw it up just like they do with most adaptations.

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