Fox Cancels Terra Nova

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My first reaction: “NOOOOOOOO!”

Fox is tossing in the white flag for the highest-rated cancelled show of the season. How this makes sense, I have no idea. It makes me so sad.

But there’s one small beacon of light: 20th Century Fox TV is willing to fight for the show, so hopefully it will appear on another network and we won’t have to always wonder what was going on in the far reaches of the Badlands.

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    • Dear Mauricio,

      Do you know how shitty ST: TNG was when it launched? Serious. I'm getting really sick of fox and their happy horseshit behavior. NOTHING survives season one anymore other then reality TV and god damn talent shows. The season ender of Terra was just starting to get good. Fox can burn in hell.

      • I agree, the first season or two of TNG was filled with awful episodes. Enterprise was just picking up in season 4 when it was canceled. And now this is gone and I was really looking forward to more of this one.

        At least Falling Skies will be back this summer.

  1. When SyFy was actually Sci-Fi, they would have considered saving it… but now SyFy is more about wrestling and reality shows. Terra Nova could work on SyFy but the douche pickles who have been ruining the station for the past few years would never even blink an eye towards it.

  2. It was terrible! The writing was embarrassing, the special effects were like a SyFy special, and every character cliche imaginable was crammed in there. And for those who are comparing it to Firefly, please seek professional help. Firefly was clever. Special effects weren't great, but they were better than those dinosaurs, and while the Western affectation was a bit over-the-top, the characters were far more relatable than that drivel on Terra Nova…

  3. It's simply a cost/ratings matter. TN (which I've never watched, in full disclosure) may have gotten decent enough ratings, but it undoubtedly had to be expensive to make (and thus Fox to buy). So, somewhere they crunched the ad revenue vs. cost to make/air and decided they could fill the slot with a cheaper show and get a better return on their investment, even if the absolute ratings were lower. (IIRC, the same thing doomed the original Battlestar Galactica.)

    • Yes because we all know that Fox is SERIOUSLY hurting when it comes to generated revenue. Please. Fox could easily afford to see how/if things pick up in a season 2. And also never mind the fact that they just dropped the CGI effects due to the cliffhanger at the end of the season. This is nothing more then another knee jerk reaction by an exec playing the numbers. If that was the case X Files should have been crap canned in season 1 for its ratings.

  4. i liked it! just because its not realistic doesn't mean its not entertaining! that defeats the point of sic fi! I'm super depressed now!

  5. Tossing in the white flag? TOSSING IN the WHITE FLAG? Is that what I read? I think someone's mixing their metaphors. Now, if it was done on purpose, lame. If it was unintentional, someone needs to stop their writing career now before it gets ugly.

  6. Here are some other shows Fox has cancelled. Futurama. Firefly. Probably others, but those are the big ones. No surprise here

  7. I want to seriously drop kick some exec at Fox right about now. Idiots.

    I'm done watching anything from Fox or Fox affiliates.

    Too many shows they pull this crap on and most are Sci-fi. I challenge people to go take a look at x-files ratings. They are pretty much in line for what Terra Nova has had, and they made it how many seasons? I get this was an expensive show to produce. Hell the pilot cost 20 million which was insane. However instead of looking at the issue and scaling back on certain aspects, NOPE….gone.

    And for quality? Please. Does anyone remember Star Trek: TNG season 1? If not go back and review it. It mostly boiled down to: I sense….I sense….an entity. And yet 2 seasons later we had the Borg introduced. Again I'm done with Fox. I don't care what show they introduce in the future I will not start watching any of their crap until a season 3 is announced ever again.

    • Nowadays I find TNG season one to be almost unwatchable. Even season two is spotty at best. And to think, people thought Enterprise was bad.. but I think it should have got three more seasons.

      • Uhm … TNG was terrible and stayed that way all seasons through. But that was a different time.

        Terra Nova was cancelled? Couldn't care less. Bad show, bad actors, bad writing. Just terrible. I would have cancelled it myself.

  8. Do you have a REALLY great idea for a TV show? Great, massive scope, epic, long storyline people will love?

    STOP TAKING IT TO FOX. When will people learn?

  9. Its a shame because although the show had issues it had a lot of potential. Some shows need a season or two to find their feet but more and more often Fox (and other networks are guilty of this) pull the plug because the ratings were not through the roof after a few episodes.

    Normally a canned show is not taken up by another network but with average ratings of 7 million that's not bad for a cancelled show so some other network may show intersest, slim chance though.

  10. From what I have heard the show made the network money, so why would they cancel it? At some point I am going to learn to stop watching new shows on FOX at all. It is really not worth my time to get invested in characters and a setting only to have it canceled just as it gets interesting, and of all the networks FOX has the WORST track record of canceling interesting shows. Maybe the Sci-Fi channel could pick it up.

    Harsh Realm, Firefly, etc. etc. etc.

  11. I wish 20th Century Fox TV will pick it up, and prove it to FOX, that dropping Terra Nova was their biggest mistake ever!

  12. What a sorry excuse of a network Fox is! As usual going for the mediocre and mind numbing range of reality shows rather then something which involves a bit of substance. I will not watch another series on fox ever again until it has been renewed for season 3/season 4! I wish there was a way for the Fox network to get cancelled!! I hope that this network goes bankrupt for the incompetent decisions that they make!!!

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