Spider-Man Nail Polish… of Course!

While considering market tie-in products to promote the upcoming Spider-Man film, someone was clearly thinking outside-the-box. It appears that former dental supply company turned glamourous nail polish and acrylic nail supply company OPI has come out with a line of Spider-Man nail polish!

I honestly wonder if there is a market out there to tie in a comic book superhero to nail polish.

I could understand a connection between maybe Catwoman, being that OPI’s market claim is to offer safe and very strong artificial nails. I could even see other cosmetic companies promoting tie-ins for makeup with pictures of the Joker in their promotional material.

But aside from there being a pretty girl in The Amazing Spider-Man, I don’t see any connection of these at all. This is made more obvious with their long leaps of logic in naming these chromatic decorations for your dainty digits with less than clever puns.

A Spider-Man red, “Your Web or Mine,” a fiery orange “Call me Gwen-ever,” and a missed opportunity with a midnight blue’s “Into the Night” which should boldly tread on trademark with the title of the cursed Spider-Man musical Turn off the Dark. The scale green “Just spotted the Lizard” is aptly named if not terribly worded. Then there is a metallic black/silver called “Number One Nemisis” which I assume alludes to Venom (who isn’t even in the film they are tying into.) But the worst stretch is the pure white “My Boyfriend Scales Walls” which makes less sense than using Spider-Man to promote nail polish.

Girl Geeks are chic now, so maybe it’s about time they make the leap to promote cosmetics with geeky properties.

Are you going to buy any of these?


5 Responses to Spider-Man Nail Polish… of Course!

  1. I'm a Nail Polish whore…and a geek, and even I wouldn't buy those….well…unless they were on sale…but it would have to be a SUPER sale!

  2. I'm thinking this article as written by either a guy or a female that has not picked up a bottle of nail polish in the last few years. I have plishes named after tools… a black named Tire Jack and a silver named Crowbar for example.

    I plan on buying all of these I think they are fracking awesome It's about time someone brought ut more geek nail polishes… the ones made by ThinkGeek are seriously lacking.

  3. I'm a vendor for this company and I would lay money every single one is going to fly off the shelves. The odder the color and funner the color name, the more likely it is to sell.

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