More Male Cosplayers on Geeks are Sexy [Video]

Ok, I know some of ladies have asked that I feature more male cosplayers on [GAS], so I decided to put this video up to satisfy your cravings. The video also features the lovely Tabitha from Artyfakes Action-Props, which we featured a few days ago for her amazing (but highly innecfective) dragonborn-like armor. I invite you all to check out Tabitha’s website right here and be sure to “like” her on Facebook as well!

Thanks Tabitha!


11 Responses to More Male Cosplayers on Geeks are Sexy [Video]

    • No, but unfortunately, good quality pics of male cosplayer are unfortunately harder to find… mainly because cosplay photographers usually only use ladies as their subjects… even female photographers.

      • ROFL. If you're the guy featured in the video, you should get an oscar for your performance. :)

        • I was wearing a LATEX FAT SUIT! ;-) HONEST!
          Under that I am rock hard lean mean axing machine!
          I did take months to prepare for the part.
          Jumping from tree to tree
          wearing high heels suspenders and a bra!
          I so want to be a lumberjack just like my dear papa!

          Took just 15 minutes for Tabitha (TABs darling as we called her on set) to learn to cut wood like a professional. I do love working with Great actors!

          Enjoy x x x lol