WE LOVE RAMEN: Eat Ramen Without Guilt! [Infographic]

All over the world -– whether Ramen itself or some other brand – university students are intimately familiar with the cheap, tasty, and wonderfully filling wonder that is instant noodles.

However, we’re constantly told how bad it is for you: it’s processed, it’ll make you fat, it’ll make your liver shrivel. I’ve even been told it’ll make your hair fall out (I don’t believe it…I refuse to).

Well, that’s all due to the crazy stuff they put in the packets. If you toss away the packets and use your own ingredients, you could have a wonderfully cheap and tasty meal that’s not particularly unhealthy!

And I have learned that this infographic is right: the student is not the only one to glean sustenance from this cheap alternative to other foods – when you’re a struggling startup, super cheap instant noodles (with some mixed vegetables for ‘healthiness’) is mighty enticing…

We Love Ramen Infographic
Created by: Hack College


13 Responses to WE LOVE RAMEN: Eat Ramen Without Guilt! [Infographic]

  1. Awesome graphic, but I'm skeptical of the actual stats. A package of Ramen contains "2 servings" and the calories this graphic is quoting is definitely for just one serving of half a block of Ramen.

      • If there was that much sodium in it, you could not add it to water without an energetic reaction.

        What you mean is sodium-CHLORIDE, or, you could just say salt and actually look more intelligent than you do when _trying_ to seem sophisticated by using inaccurate marketing-speak.

  2. All this reminds me of is the ramen restaurants in Japan that I loved going to, and knowing that I'm stuck with crappy "instant" ramen in the US. Oh, delicious BBQ ramen, with your succulent pork slices and savory sauce, I will never forget you! ;___;

  3. first off, the word "advertisement" is clearly stated at the top of the article.
    also, a lot of people are talking about the issue of sodium. i'd like to see something on the amount of protien in these meals.

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