Living Beyond Our Means

According to Paul Gilding, independent writer, activist, and adviser on the sustainable economy, there are four words that will define this century: The Earth is Full.

Do you agree? Is it a crazy idea that we will someday expand onto further planets? As geeks I feel we’re the people who should believe in that dream more than anyone, but is it realistic? Should we be focusing more on reducing our footprints and demands on the planet?

Are we meant to be getting scared that the carbon bubble burst will mean a sort of social apocalypse? Are we in denial of the reality of the future we’re heading towards? Do we really need a crisis to start getting ourselves moving?

Or can we make this our finest hour?

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  1. Too bad people are hung up on issues like abortion and gay marriage rather then issues like this. It will be interesting to see where the world will be in my old age.

  2. Who cares if the world is going to end in the future. Its all about What celebrities are doing now.

    All we need is a new plague and once half the worlds population is gone we should be good. To bad plagues do not ravage populace based on IQ or some other similar means. As he said Nothing will happen till the world goes down the toilet. That is when the real fun begins. It will be interesting and exciting. I just hope Video games have prepared me for it.

  3. We’re busy having a shouting match with everyone else in the car, completely oblivious that the car has fishtailed and is now sliding down the road sideways..

    I don’t know if I’ll be alive or not when the inevitable happens, but it will happen.

  4. this planet is overpopulated, it is already now and it will be even worse in future.
    funny thing is: nobody cares at all.
    so this guy is right, things will crash here, but I do not believe in space colonialization before 500 years in future or so… problem is crash will happen in 40 years the latest, 9 billion people on earth will be too much.
    I think we should do anything we can to reduce orurselves to let's say 4 billion again, probably then we would be able to keep nature and us alive at the same times, but of course this won't happen… it will be really interesting though how world will crash, will it be the total collapse of the flora and faua because we simply eradicated one species too much and that will tear us down or will the oceans collapse because they are finally too poisoned or will it just be good old fashioned war for the last resources?

    who knows, but it could be in our life time yet…

  5. A good portion of the land on the Earth is so UNDER-populated you can walk for miles w/o seeing anyone. We continue to produce more food per acre every year. The rivers, forests, land, and oceans are 1000X's cleaner than they were in the early 1970's when the EPA was started. But this yahoo who has a clear fringe left-wing environmentalist attitude says that we have overpopulated and are polluting the Earth to extinction. Anyone with a neutral point of view can see this idiot is a whack job.

  6. Wow, I cant believe all the people that buy into this garbage.

    Look this up and confirm what I tell you. (And dont believe everything you hear on the internet, really look it up and learn for yourself so you are no longer duped by this BS.) You can fit every single person in the globe into the state of texas. And each person will have 1000 square feet to themselves. Thats a lot of people with a lot of room. And it does not cover much of the earth.

    I point this out as a visual so you can see what this guys says is BS. I heard all this crap in the 70's. It was a lie then. Feeding the worlds people is very managable. Getting the food past the hungry peoples evil governments has always been the problem.

    Education folks! Get one, learn it, love it, use it.

  7. The world is nothing more then a corporate/government playground for the rich and powerful to do whatever they feel like. Half the population on this planet are either to ignorant to care or too isolated to know.

    When the s**t finally hits the fan, whether it be nukes, plague, etc. we will see the ugly side of humanity so quickly that the trigger event won't even matter.

    As the one meme often points out "I don't want to live on this planet anymore"

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