Utterly Useless Dovahkiin Female Armor [Pics]

Another day, another lady cosplaying as a female dragonborn. As far as I’m concerned, she certainly doesn’t beat this one when it comes to credibility, of course.

[Source: Artyfakes Action Props | Via]

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  1. Its a great LARP set of armour and of course would in reality be utterly impractical and near useless in protection terms (assuming it was metal not latex and foam ofc). From my LARP POV i love it and from my Reenactors POV i know it would EPIC FAIL in actual combat. However its fantasy so it gets a big thumbs up. Well done to Tabs for showing this off and making some Geeks dreams come true :)

  2. I find it hilarious that some of you are seriously bashing this…I think it's awesome. It's artistic expression, morons. Sheesh…

  3. Why do all these slags have to show their bodies just so people will think their cosplay is actually good? This girl probably didnt make the armour herself.

    • actually she did, she works very hard and makes some awesome kit and weapons, shows what you know. give her some credit

    • Well Mr. Anon – what a twat you are for silly childish comment like that. She does put a lot of work into these LARP weapoms, they are certainly some of the most ACCURATE ones I've seen. Lets see YOU come up with something. But then again yer probably 15, fat sofa lard arse who masturbates to Star Trek Voyager DVD's and never actually DONE anything yourself.

      By its very own nature, your comment shows you for the embarrassment you are.

      • Hey guys. Why don't you all stop being cunts. Even though she herself did make it, there are people who don't. In which case you should inform him that she is not one of these people politely, and then discuss what he was actually talking about. Instead of childishly ganging up on him and being twats.

    • I know the girl wearing it, and yes she made it herself. It is as someone else has stated for role play, and not meant to provide real protection but instead looks good, and I believe she has achieved this.
      It saddens me to see such negative comments about this, as this girl works hard and achieves fabulous results in her armour and weapon making. She does not feel used dressing up like this, and no man has forced her to, she is strong and independent, and should be admired for her determination to achieve great results in a male dominated hobby. I whole heartedly support her in her endeavour to make and model her LARP fashions and designs.

  4. if you saw the costume up close you would realize it's not even finished and pretty crappy quality
    don't be fooled because you see skin

  5. The reason why nerds don't get laid….to busy arguing useless points of realism, instead of paying attention to the hot girl in front of them. GG !

  6. The costume is made from Closed cell foam and painted with Latex, to look good and also look like iron.

    Stunning quality and exactly designed to do what its supposed to do for LARP. Of course you can wear an undergarment. But hey, if u got it, flaunt it.

  7. why would you go through all the trouble of making armor that's not even from the game? I mean, why not make Forsworn armor if you just had to go the whole ~*~*look at me I'm a gurrrl gamerz*~*~ route? Tryhard.

    • She make fantasy armour for a living? How can she not be a geek. I own a few of their weapons they are really nice quality..

  8. Sex-a-fied Skyrim armor isn't my thing, but I have to say this has to be the best version i've seen so far….at least her armor is very polished looking and it fits her.

  9. Tabby is her name and she is a commercial artist. What the girl dos for a living. The website is below. Ask her nicely and she will make you just about any theatre/movie prop you wish. http://www.artyfakes.co.uk/ And add to Ash's comment Tabby has been LARP sword fighting since she could walk :-) A video link here for LARP costume festival demo



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