Leonard Nimoy to Guest Star on The Big Bang Theory

Geeky guest stars have always added a nice touch to episodes of the Big Bang Theory. Geek idols like Summer Glau and Katee Sackhoff have already made appearances on the show to fans’ delight, and now, we find out that the next star to make an appearance will be Mr. Spock himself: Leonard Nimoy.

From CBS:

First reported by TVLine.com, Sheldon will have his Star Trek idol Spock (Leonard Nimoy) speak to him in a dream sequence for the March 29th episode.

After hearing about Nimoy’s retirement I feared that we would never see him on screen again, but if there was anything that might have made him show his face on screen once more, Big Bang Theory would be it. Short of Star Trek itself, I don’t think that Spock has ever been glorified more on the small screen than on Big Bang Theory.

It is said that Leonard Nimoy will appear in Sheldon’s dream, and I wonder if he will be the clone Sheldon intended to create?

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  1. There are those, who don't want to know, what will happen on TBBT. So please, say at least SPOILER ALERT. Thx!

  2. How on EARTH could someone upload that scene without including the best performance from Sheldon this show has ever produced, hugging Penny… shame on you, whoever you are!

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