Contest: Imagining the Hospital of the Future ($100 Amazon Gift Certificate)

Edit: We’re going to contact the winner in a day or two! Stay tuned!

We saw this post about what hospitals will be like in the near future over at National Geographic and while we thought it was interesting, we thought it would be fun for our readers to brainstorm other ideas in the comments section. In fact we liked this idea so much we’ve decided to give away a $100 gift card to for the most creative, geek-worthy idea among those you guys are going to leave. So go at it. Have fun. And who knows, if the right person reads this we could even affect the future. :)

Here’s the current list of ideas from the infographic:

1) Smart Pills
2) Smartphone Ultrasound
3) Intelligent control of current systems (blinds, food, web access)
4) Medical Tricoder (Star Trek anyone?)
5) Artificial Womb (Matrix… scary)
6) Centralized health display
7) Remote IV programming and administration
8) Smartbed
9) Organ Printer (this is our favorite!)
10) Robotic Surgeons (doesn’t this already exist?)
11) Memory Restoration (how about memory removal!)
12) Medication Security

Hospital Room of the Future
Source: Top Masters in Healthcare

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