Sunday is Game of Thrones Day

game of thrones day

The gripping world created by author George R. R. Martin is returning with a new season tomorrow night (Sunday) on HBO.  You may have missed some of the teaser trailers, but you shouldn’t miss the premiere tonight if you can help it! For those avid fans who have read all of the books of the Song of Ice […]

Dog vs. Lightsaber Sith Cat: Fight! [Video]

Never underestimate the power of the dark cat… if he runs away, he’ll be back to stab you in the back. [Via]

R2-D2 TOMS Shoes [Pic]

Most awesome-looking TOMS Shoes EVAR. [Via]

8-Bit Google Maps – Google’s Awesome April Fools Prank

If you were a fan of the Dragon Warrior series on the NES, then you’re going to absolutely love the April Fools prank from Google this year: 8-Bit Google Maps! You can click the Quest button on ANY google map search and convert your bit of the world into an 8-bit quest, with hidden monsters!

The Dark Knight Rises Trailer: IN LEGO [Video]

An awesome stop-motion re-creation of the second trailer for The Dark Knight Rises, which by the way, is almost upon us! Enjoy! [Via Neatorama]

Productivity Illustrated [Pic]


Dedicated to all the monsters who screwed our nights: The Monster Alphabet

Can you name them all? [La Pompadour]

Little League: An Adorable Webcomic about Superheroes [Comics]

Oh the sadness! :( [Source: Little League]

Sexy Cobra Trooper [Pics]

Ok, I want to be part of Cobra now! Where do I sign up? :) [Via JBGillund]

Amazon Deal of the Day: 61% Off Sucker Punch (Two-Disc Extended Edition) [Blu-ray] – $13.99

For today’s edition of Deal of the Day, Amazon has Sucker Punch (Two-Disc Extended Edition) on Blu-ray for just $13.99. That’s 61% off the movie’s usual retail price of $35.99. From an reviewer: The extended cut of Sucker Punch adds approximately 17 minutes and 45 seconds of additional footage, and is R-rated. The extended […]

Geekifying Word Play

I don’t know if this is just the writer in me, but I thoroughly enjoyed this guy’s absolutely nerdy deconstruction of common phrases, word play and phrase fumbles. [vsauce]