Punisher Cosplay is Hell on Heels! [Pic]

I have never really been a fan of The Punisher. The very idea that this hero (technically anti-hero) would serve justice by being exactly the kind of person he wants to “punish” makes little sense to me.

The character lacks any real depth, and despite three versions of this character on the Silver Screen, I still can’t see any redeeming qualities. He is just an angry man with lots of guns and no desire to make sense of his actions beyond the vague justification of revenge.

That was until I tripped over this gallery at G33kPron showcasing the photography and creative cosplay efforts of Jeff Zoet

Of course, I still find little to no justification of the character, but hell at least this girl looks good in the classic white skull black tee. But more importantly, this is not just some pretty girl dolled up in a Punisher outfit. This lady looks like she is physically capable and that counts for far more than how good that shirt fits.

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  1. He is one of my favorite comic book characters almost to the level of obsession. I agree with John if you haven't read the comics then you wouldn't understand the true epicness that is Frank Castle.

  2. I find the 2004 movie managed to nail his personality rather well, especially compared to the 1989 film and the extremely crappy Warzone film. Thomas Jane is the only actor that can do The Punisher justice. And I'd like to point out I have read every Punisher comic to date, and his first appearance in The Amazing Spider-Man #129.

  3. hummm I think as a character he has more depth then the vast majority. He isnt a hero trying to bring justice. He is a man who had a mental break after his wife and kids were murdered. Vengeance and justice are very different. How is it in any way vague?

  4. This photo series makes me feel a little dirty and exploited. A good start to making a decent Cosplay of the Punisher would be teaching your model how to properly hold a firearm. And really? Blonde hair?

  5. This set just looks..tacky. Also, the broad sweep he becomes 'exactly' the kind of person he wants to punish is a slightly inaccurate statement. Yes, he uses the same tactics, but if he became that exact person, he would not make a distinction between his enemies and allies when it came to killing.

    He's lost everything and committed to a mission he doesn't expect to survive. There's a bit more depth than you really give credit for. Either way, you reserve the right to dislike him as a character, and I reserve the right to dislike this photo set. Fair enough.

  6. The Punisher is my favorite comic book character. It's what got me hooked into comics in the first place. While my friends were reading X-Men or the Avengers in the late 80s / early 90s, I was the only one collecting Punisher and Punisher War Journal comics. Thanks but I prefer my hero to not have weird mutant powers. =

    I didn't really like the movies though they're all passable.

  7. The push up bra is one of mankind's greatest inventions turning mediocre women into desirable sex goddesses since 1975.

  8. The Punisher comics were the first ones I really liked because of the depth of character. I didn't understand the vehemence other comic readers felt towards him until I started reading his guest appearances in other comics (SpiderMan, DareDevil, etc.). Now I got it! Frank Castle is a mindless killing robot when he's not starring in his own comic. You don't get to see his growth, struggles and interaction with his foil, MicroChip. It's like seeing SpiderMan without the witty one-liners and upbeat attitude. It's just wrong.

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