The Best of Katsucon 2012 [Video]

Since we know how you guys love good cosplay, here are a series of video compiling some of the best costumes from Katsucon 2012. Kudos to youtuber Acksonl for the great work he did on those. If this still isn’t enough for you, we also have a great picture gallery of the event right here.

[Source: Acksonl]


8 Responses to The Best of Katsucon 2012 [Video]

  1. Man I was there for two days and I don't recall seeing many of these amazing costumes. I definitely recognize the location as being the National Harbor. I'll have to hang around for the third day to catch all this goodness next time around.

  2. I remember when cosplay and anime in the United States got started, or at least I saw it coming in at GenCON back in the early nineties. The hobby’s come a ways since a bunch of guys wandering around a games or sci fi con in a bathrobe carrying a mop handle, or girls in renfair chainmail.

  3. Cosplay has come a looooong way, especially over the past 5 or so years. The dedication and artisan skill of these cosplayers is just astounding. I love that GAS features this, but I think it would be great to acknowledge the cosplayers by name, if possible.

  4. I only recognized probably seven things out of all 3 videos…but that doesn't make me any less impressed by the craftsmanship of these costumes. As much fun as it is being a star wars costumer…seeing videos like this make me feel like my creations that take months to make are childs play.

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