The McDonalds You Never Knew About

McDonald’s in every city I go to. Why? It actually tastes different! I’m so intrigued by the little differences in the Big Macs all over the world – different sauce-to-filling ratios, different quality of lettuce, different tangs to the meat. I tell you what – Australia has the best McDonald’s hands down.

McDonald’s is one of the largest corporations in the world, a fast-food giant that towers over the globe with its golden arches. That’s why they can afford to put tons of effort into market research – and why every big mac across the world is just slightly different to match the tastes of the general public in that city.

But McDonald’s isn’t the type to let their customers get bored with Big Macs. No, they’ve got to do some experimentation. Not only are Big Macs slightly different across the world, even the menus change very slightly. I remember seeing the McKroket in Amsterdam – a emulation of the local fast food you can get out of the vending machines there.

Here’s a funky infographic with some of the crazy foods McDonald’s had and has across the world, so next time you’re with someone and they tell you you’re being boring going for McDonald’s, you can say you’re checking out the local culture!

[Via Daily Infographic]


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  1. Crap for your body. Nearly every REAL burger corner in my city (Berlin) is way better than this franchise crap. Better quality, bigger burgers, lower price. Good food and McDonalds – two ends of a line.

  2. McLobster and Poutine, from "Canada" don't exist in any canadian mcdonalds that I've ever seen, but that mostly means Vancouver. I'd guess lobster would be east coast, and poutine would be quebec.

    Also didn't see any of the asia or japan ones, other than the ebi filet-o, on the menu during my year in Japan… Though "Asia" may be china or vietnam or whatever, so that really doesn't mean much.

    But really, you want awesome, go to a burger king in korea and order a bulgogi burger… so insanely delicious.

  3. You missed the McOz, the Mighty Angus and grand Angus from Australia. The McOz is Quarter-pounder with lettuce, tomato and beetroot, the Angus burgers are made from "100% Angus beef" (as opposed to the off-cuts from bulls testicles they use in their other burgers).

  4. McLobster is in the Maritime provinces. I've never seen Poutine in any McDonald's in Quebec. I call bullshit.

    The McPizza wasn't a calzone-style thing (at least in Canada it wasn't). It was a really salty little pizza that took forever to make.

    How about the McDLT? Hot side warm-ish, cold side warm-ish. The blandest thing you could ever put in your mouth. Discontinued in the late 80s.

  5. The discontinued McCountry is missing too. It used to be my favorite :(
    A long bun with a nice spicy slab of meat, onions on top and a bag of spicy curry sauce. People died of your breath afterwards but it was worth it!

  6. Gallo pinto is a nicaraguan traditional food. This food is not from Costa Rica. Many nicaraguan citizen work in Costa Rica and they make this food popular in these country.

    El Gallo pinto y Rio San Juan son de Nicaragua!!!

    • A lot of foods are present in more than one Central American country because of our common ancestors and high level of miscegenation present in our history, so you don't get to claim any of it as exclusively yours.

      And yeah, the river's yours, bro, nobody's trying to take it from you, let it go already… ¬¬

  7. I'm from NH. I didn't even think of the McLobster as being regional. I figured the McLobster was shipped-out to other places outside of the region.

    Anyone else remember the Arch Deluxe? I was expecting to see that on the list.

  8. you missed one. No mention of the McPhilly, the philly cheese steak they only released in the Philadelphia area but was very popular the then governor of PA Ed Rendell, the former mayor of Philly, gave it an A- which was a fare score

  9. The lobster roll must be like… in the eastern and western most parts of the country cause theirs none of that in the mcdonalds in ontario.

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