The McDonalds You Never Knew About

McDonald’s in every city I go to. Why? It actually tastes different! I’m so intrigued by the little differences in the Big Macs all over the world – different sauce-to-filling ratios, different quality of lettuce, different tangs to the meat. I tell you what – Australia has the best McDonald’s hands down.

McDonald’s is one of the largest corporations in the world, a fast-food giant that towers over the globe with its golden arches. That’s why they can afford to put tons of effort into market research – and why every big mac across the world is just slightly different to match the tastes of the general public in that city.

But McDonald’s isn’t the type to let their customers get bored with Big Macs. No, they’ve got to do some experimentation. Not only are Big Macs slightly different across the world, even the menus change very slightly. I remember seeing the McKroket in Amsterdam – a emulation of the local fast food you can get out of the vending machines there.

Here’s a funky infographic with some of the crazy foods McDonald’s had and has across the world, so next time you’re with someone and they tell you you’re being boring going for McDonald’s, you can say you’re checking out the local culture!

[Via Daily Infographic]