Holy Crap: The Most Difficult Mario Game of All Time [Video]



9 Responses to Holy Crap: The Most Difficult Mario Game of All Time [Video]

  1. Alright, it looks pretty hard. Way above my skills. But the most difficult Mario game of all time…? Seriously, even Kaizo was harder, and all the followers took the Nintendo Hard ethos Up to Eleven.

  2. lol lag with all the charging chucks. Damn these mods are pretty crazy… I don't think I could play that and get through it. my friend and I wanted to do something but creating a level is a LOT of work so we kinda just let it go..

  3. Well if you read the video description you'll see it was done via emulator using tools to assist them and also slowing things down and saving…..

    So yeah, great video for showing a few hard mario levels but a bad video for showing someone skilled doing the levels on their own ability. :)

  4. Do a youtube for "Asshole Mario" , don't worry its safe for work.
    You can see the fails of his insane run through and really feel the pain of the guy playing before finally seeing the triumphant run through.

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