Inflatable Unicorn Horn

If you’ve already purchased this terrifyingly awesome unicorn head mask, then you’ll definitely want to consider getting Archie McPhee’s super awesome inflatable unicorn horn as well.

Your secret unicorn is screaming to come out at the most inopportune times. What are you supposed to do? The next time you hear that mystical whinny, just take your vinyl Inflatable Unicorn Horn out of its tin, blow it up and put the elastic strap around your head. Suddenly you are a unicorn! Could turn even a short elevator ride into a statement about you being a unicorn.

[Inflatable Unicorn Horn]


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  1. Does is come in purple it should come in purple my inner Brony wants it purple, I'd never wear it bacause it looks stupid and therefor id never buy it but. If it came in purple that'd be awesome.

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