Fabulous Future Arya Stark Cosplay [Pics]

Cosplayer: Gogo Blackwater
Photographer: Anna Lucylle Taschini

Edit: Changed the title to reflect the photographer’s intention.



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    • Ma'am please read the books, and you'll notice certain things about Arya's personality that would ~need~ to be translated into the cosplay. Honestly, it'd be like dressing up as Che Guevara without a beret.

  1. Its neat, but not a Stark. Too many feathers and bird motifs in the tattoo. I could maybe see Bran using ravens later, but not the other Starks.

  2. Arya??


    Read the freaking book before you try to do this cosplay crap.





  3. Cool costume and all….but definitely have to agree this is no Arya. She uses Needle as a weapon not some broadsword. Come on…just because it's a good costume does not make it fabulous cosplay.

  4. This costume and the photos are beautiful, but I have to agree with the others that this is not Arya Stark-esque. Arya is meant to be pretty much androgynous; she never wears dresses; uses a teeny sword (or other, less obvious, weaponry); and she identifies strongly as a Stark, so her clothing would have a direwolf on it if any animal were to be represented.

    • Nobody said the costume wasn’t a good costume.
      Just that it wasn’t Arya.

      Were you trying to make it look like Arya from the book? If so, Fail.
      If you just made a cool costume and the person who posted it here chose to name it “Fabulous Arya Stark Cosplay”, then the Fail is theirs.
      All we are commenting on is the association of this costume with Arya Stark..
      Fail either way.

  5. I took this photos and also wanted to clear up a bit our mode of thought…. I didn't want to do a perfect rendition of the character as it is in the books or series as I find "exact" cosplay a boring thing, from an artistic point of view: repeating something that's already been done.
    I'm more intrigued in exploring the "what if", how Arya would look as a grown woman. I actually read the books, so the choices in styling and depiction were thought out, not hazarded.
    To me, she wouldn't still be carrying Needle with her as she would have outgrown it in time (I also wanted to reference her similarities to Neddard hence the cape and broadsword, though Ice went destroyed in the books…), her colouring is weatherbeaten (having spent many years travelling, especially in Braavos) and I actually accented the brown tones of the model in order to bring it up. As for the dress, I agree that both in the books and series she's a tomboy with an aversion to ladylike things and that is probably the greatest stretch as far as character depiction, but she does wear dresses from time to time and I wanted to create a contrast between the femininity of a young lady who has also a dangerous streak.
    So anyway, that's the reasoning behind the shoot. :-)

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