Dubstep Violin – Lindsey Stirling – Crystallize [Music Video]

Another amazing song and music video from violist extraordinaire Lindsey Stirling. Enjoy!

[Via Ani-Mia Cosplay]


18 Responses to Dubstep Violin – Lindsey Stirling – Crystallize [Music Video]

  1. Don’t listen to the haters, they don’t have to watch if they don’t want to. This was beautiful and awesome, and I’d love to see more!

  2. DO MORE!!! eff these other assholes…. that sounded amazing! Keep it up little lady, your violin work was beautiful, and the dubstep behind it was well played, wasn't seizure causing wubbing… most definitely diggin' it.

  3. see her video of Zelda medley :)
    on this video (when she announced that she working on this and there was a teaser pic) I hoped to see AT-ATs storming ECHO base while Lindsey deflects lasers with a laser violin… :D

  4. This has a brilliant blend between the violin and dubstep, the only thing i would change is build the drop up a little more, but the idea and the skills are definitely there and are amazing, please keep it up!! more dub violin!!!

  5. This is pretty awesome. While I love this sub-genre of electronica I just wish people would stop calling it dubstep because it's not. For real dubstep check out artists like Loefah and Kryptic Minds. I also refuse to call it brostep because I feel the label is derogatory. The genre rocks but again labeling it dubstep is ignorant and insulting to the origins of the real genre. And while I do like Skrillex, I blame him for this misleading label.

  6. OMFG LEARN SOME NEW STEPS OR CONCENTRATE ON DWTS….JFC, it's always the same moves no matter the music. BORING!

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