So True: Unfulfilling Desk Jobs [Comic]

That reminds me of myself not so long ago. Working full-time from home doing something you love does have its advantages… though it can get awfully lonely from time to time.

[Source: Gocomics]

5 Responses to So True: Unfulfilling Desk Jobs [Comic]

  1. I try to separate my life and my work as much as I can do. Thinking of living in the same exact place where I work may kill me! I think it is worse than Hell itself to match our own happy home with the job!

  2. Crying about a 9-5 desk job? A secure, salaried, possibly career-track job with benefits, paid holidays, and weekends? I know it's chic to crap on people who work these jobs, but christ, a lot of us dream about that security. It this is how you feel about an "unfulfilling" job, then simply quit on a whim and try to live the good life on unemployment while pursuing that dream job. The person who drew this cartoon sounds like an emo teenager who hates the fact that his parents are wealthy. Melodramatic. Good lord, grow up will ya?

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