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  1. Not to offend this gorgeous lady, but that waist looks as creepy and fake as it does in the comic. so… accurate yet ugly win??

      • One day would not be enough to train your waist into that tight a corset. It takes training!

        The kind of training that made victorian and edwardian women need 6 handmaidens and a vial of smelling salts round thier neck for when they fainted.. Personally thought we had moved on from that, she could have done the same costume without bending her insides out of shape, but each to their own..

        • Some ladies feel that a corset that tight is a kink, and if it gets them off by all means I am quite alright with that.

    • Actually, there is nothing unhealthy about corsets. They are perfectly healthy and fine, just because you feel weird about it, doesn't mean other people can't enjoy them. I think it looks amazing, and I would love to do waist training, the victorian look has the sort of elegance that has been lost recently in women's clothing. I'd rather wear corsets than bootyshorts and tank tops, to me those things look gross and ridiculous but I don't complain everytime I see them in media.

  2. There is actually a subculture of women who have been gradually wearing (and tightening!) their corsets for years – so that they can do this (meaning wear clothes with this shape)- because trust me – you can't just put on a corset and expect THIS to happen!

  3. Some women just have really small waists- nothing unnatural about it. The cut of the costume and the largeness of her breasts is actually making her waist look smaller than it is. The corset dosen't even look all that tight.

  4. If you blow the photo up, you can see where she is photoshopped. Nice try, David. The natural colour of the face, arms & chest is a natural yellow-orange skin tone, but the colour of the legs is a blue-pink, similar to the plastic used for a Barbie doll and there is no evidence of nylons/leg coverings being used to explain the colour shift. Whilst the legs will frequently be paler in colour, the skin tone would remain consistent, i.e. yellow-orange, and would not shift to a completely different colour. If the arms, legs, and chest matched but the face was different, then one could plausibly attribute the colour shift to cosmetics. Now, compare the natural, soft shadows on the inner arms to the sharp outline of the shadow cast on the model's left leg from the arm/glove: there should have been more diffusion of the shadow on the leg. Also, the shadow on the model's left leg is at the wrong angle for the lighting on the face (note the odd dark shadow on the inner eye area of the model's left eye. Now, note the VERY sharp outline of the chin and no corresponding shadow and no graduated shadow along the chin-line on the face. The face has obviously been knocked-out of another photo. As the viewer looks at the photo, the highlights on the hair indicate the light is coming from slightly behind and from the right side of the photo (from behind the model's left shoulder). The hair immediately to the left of the cheekbone is showing that it is reflecting light when light should be blocked by the model's chin. This indicates that the face/head was photoshopped in to the photo and the artist did a pretty good selection of light angle, added some highlights on the nose, cheekbone, and forehead, but left enough telltale evidence of photoshopping when he failed to correct the strange shadow on the model's left eye. Finally, note the odd U-shaped protrusion in the middle of the model's lower tummy, about half-way between the top of the thigh and the crotch. This is telltale evidence that the torso is a doll and not human. It is not part of a corset, but part of the twist-and-turn mechanism of a doll, hence the perfect shape. Even if it were a true corset creating the narrow waistline, there would not be the wrinkles across the tummy in the narrowest part of the waist– it would be taut. Sorry to deflate your woodys guys, but this is a composite photo (FAKE).

  5. Oh everyone stop grousing about corset-wearing, one photo of one cosplayer is not going to make a generation of little girls grow up to have malformed livers. If this woman made the choice to do corset training to look that good, it was completely her right to do so, and she looks fantastic, so good on her.

  6. Well…..if you guys can post this again, I guess I can comment again……

    Not only is this one of the just straight up sexiest combinations of woman and fabric I have ever seen…..oh my God is she pretty too!
    That smile, those lips, …….. those eyes…those eyes…..those eyes……..those eyes………those……..eyes……………those………e..y..e..s………….

    So…..3 guesses how I came by my screen name……and the first 2 don't count…….lol!

  7. The name is……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………Scarlet Witch! XD

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