Crowdsourcing & Smartphone Technology Saving Lives

This is a talk by Dutch technologist and innovator Lucien Engelen giving some pretty cool insights into how technological innovation has and can revolutionize the healthcare system, and may just save lives.

He covers his wifi weighing scale that automatically gives you your own personal pressure, Biggest Loser style with your Twitter followers, as well as a blood pressure metre that can connect to a smartphone that can be sent to their doctor and share with others, allowing patients to independently measure their stats, reducing the wastage of doctor’s precious time on such simple things. The real emphasis here was on listening to the patients and making the patients a part of the process in the use of e-health technology.

The feature of his presentation, however, is a pretty nifty crowdsourcing app that allows the public to submit to the app when they are aware there is an AED (automated external defibrillator) nearby so that when anyone happens to encounter an accident, they can immediately look up the closest AED – potentially saving lives by getting help to people in those precious golden minutes before it’s too late.

Next time some Baby Boomer starts ranting about how technology is making everyone lazy, inform them that our lazifying tech may just save lives!

Help save lives worldwide: visit, download the app, and submit locations of AEDs when you know them!

[Via TED]


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