Clearly They Need Geek Spies

Photo Credit: Kit

A recent pile of declassified MI5 files reveals some of the idiocy that those that call themselves “intelligence” agencies can come up with behind closed doors.

The Atlantic reports that some of the ideas were incredibly ludicrous like the one where the Nazi propaganda minister was going to be testing “propaganda weapons” like a leaflet catapult that would spread leaflets over 500 metres, a smokescreen that would act like a projection screen and even killer swastika belt buckles (though to me, that sounds like a pretty cool villain-in-a-superhero-comic device!).

There was also the MI5 investigation into the Charlie Chaplin’s background, upon the request from Americans who believed he was a Russian Jew named Israel Thornstein. Apparently his origins were unclear, though how they thought Charlie Chaplin was going to lead some sort of revolution is something I’m not too clear on…

Of course, the CIA are not exempt from ridiculous strategy. There are some well-known absurd plots to take down Cuba such as an exploding seashell to kill Castro…or to get his beard to fall off. God forbid their leader has no beard.

So what’s the real lesson here? They clearly need some more of us ingenious, sexy geek spies out there. C’mon spy agencies – recruit here!

If you want to read spy agency reports for yourself check out the CIA Electronic Reading Room and the MI5 Security Service National Archives.

[Via The Atlantic]

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