Now We’re Printing Houses Too!

The Man Who Prints Houses is a documentary about the self-styled “stone alchemist” robotics scientist who embarks on an epic quest to achieve his ultimate dream: to 3D print an entire house.

The documentary is supposed to follow his heart-wrenching story, plagued by financial trouble and family estrangement, while he remains focused on achieving his goal.

He has built the largest 3D printer in the world, has created the largest structure in the world to be printed, and has lost so much of his life to this project that he has no choice but to finish it, or deem most of his life a failure.

I’m excited to see it, though it doesn’t seem clear anywhere on the website when the film will be released.

But think of it: one day we may be able to design our houses on The Sims and have them printed out, ready to go!

[Via The Man Who Prints Houses]

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