Avengers Mashup Trailer is Better than Real Trailer

Joss Whedon has The Avengers coming out in theaters this May and it took until just this past month before we got to see a full on trailer for the film. Typically promotion is a lot more aggressive than this for a summer blockbuster, but The Avengers is a little different. This movie is riding its own hype without commercials and TV spots, and there have already been five films set to promote its inevitable arrival.

The Superbowl brought us the first full trailer, but some enthusiastic fans online (who happen to also be editors) took it upon themselves to trump it! ScreenRant and Synn Studios Inc. cut together clips to make this new trailer, edited by Nick Montgomery with help from Thomas Gofton.

Iron Man 1&2, The Hulk, Captain America and Thor were so carefully made right from the very beginning to lead up to this film. It makes perfect sense that they would use elements of those films to promote The Avengers.

This is beautifully edited and well paced and far more impacting than the existing trailers.

This is what is getting me pumped about the film!

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