Hideaway Car Elevator for your Driveway

Sometimes I think about how unique my home would be if I had the expendable cash to customize it with whatever inventive features I wanted.

This falls into that category:

It is called the Cardock. It is billed as a unique garage, but it is more of a garage alternative – an awesome garage alternative! It is designed to accommodate two cars in a single driveway or at very least reclaiming that valuable driveway space as a decorative patio that will never be preoccupied with a car. The car is lowered into the ground by a powerful elevator, and the top of that elevator is another driveway!

The Cardock can support approximately 10 tons (22,400 lbs) of combined weight. This is enough to support the vehicle it lifts from the dark recesses of your front lawn, as well as the vehicle you may potentially leave parked on top. This allows the cars to interchange without having to drive the top vehicle away before lifting the other.

The Cardock will set you back around $72,000 for the double capacity lift, which makes you consider what percentage of your home’s value that number might represent. So far there are eight already installed in the nicer parts of London, England, with four more being installed and ten that have been ordered.

Besides, imagine the looks of awe from your neighbours as your car is delivered to ground level via elevator? You better have something nicer than a Dodge Neon in that clever Batman-esque hideaway.


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