Clean Water Every Time by UV Light

I remember how my grandma, who grew up in a village where they pulled water from a well, found it laughable that people actually paid for water. Bottled water is a bit of a fad and a strange thing to pay for, considering water makes up majority of our planet (yeah yeah, it’s purified and all that).

Wait a second – now you can get purification without having to fork out money for every little 250ml! Camelbak are bringing you a nifty little water bottle that will clean up your water in just 60 seconds. A brilliant innovation into purifying water, the All Clear bottle contains a UV light installed in the cap that’s proven to eradicate 99.9999% of bacteria, 99.99% of viruses and 99.9% of protozoa. That gives you a pretty good chance of not coming down with Delhi Belly if you ask me!

You can fill it from any stream, tap, or spigot and even has a pre-filter accessory to filter out sediments as you fill it up from a natural source. It would be great for a camping trip or if you’re travelling to a country where the water isn’t purified. It treats 80 cycles (16 gallons) with each charge (so if you drank three bottles a day, it would last about 25 days), and the cap is protected from wear and weather so that you can take it anywhere and everywhere. The bulb itself should last 10,000 cycles – that would be the equivalent of drinking 3 bottles a day for 9 years – so you’re unlikely going to need to change that. It’s powered by two lithium batteries, rechargeable via USB (that’s pretty cool).

The only thing that I think would make this bottle a super-green alternative to bottled water would be to include a solar panel to augment the lithium batteries and reduce energy expenditure. But all the same, a pretty darned nifty gadget.

[Via Geek Alerts and Camelbak]


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  1. I've had an Aquastar UV water bottle for years that I take with me on camping and hiking trips, especially when we hit the AT for long periods of time. I love that little bottle because it comes with a nice little screen that goes over the top so you can filter out large particles from wherever you are getting your water from… then you just turn the UV light on, spin it around for about a minute and all should be safe to drink. Also functions as a flash light.

    I like the design of the Camelbak bottle better… plus I love my Camelbak backpacks… price might be a factor to see if I would be willing to pick up one of these. At the time, the Aquastar was $89 and I'd hate to have to throw out more money for what ultimately is just a slimmer design of something I already have.

  2. Kills Giardia and Cryptosporidium according to their info. That is pretty handy. Especially if you don't have time/tools to boil your water or if you don't like the bleach method.

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