Amazing Claymore Cosplay from GSTQ Fashions and Volpin Props [Pics]

This week the talented artisans behind two of Atlanta’s foremost fabrication companies have come together for a fantastic creation. Cathy from God Save the Queen Fashions and Volpin Props bring you the epic Clare from the anime Claymore. The photos were brought to life by Atlanta-based photographer Dan Almsay.

Cathy explains the costume breakdown on her Deviant Art page, and you can read all about it here.

This isn’t the first time the trio have worked together. Last year they shot with Almsay for a pretty rad Daft Punk meets a DoLorean shoot:

Well, since I worked on the Daft Punk photos for Volpin that featured Catherine’s stunning leatherwork it seemed only natural that we all team up again for these photos. Catherine really did an outstanding job on this piece, seeing it in person is truly impressive. From the sewing to the leatherwork you can see how much work went into the details of this costume, I love the detail of Clare’s neck-piece, just awesome. Harrison’s armor and sword just set the whole thing off with the Yoma blood and battle damage – and they don’t just look pretty, that giant sword weighs next to nothing, it can easily be held in one hand which is great for walking around ‘Cons. When these two team up the results are just incredible. I’m as much of a fan of theirs as anyone else, I can’t wait to see what they do next!

Fabrics and leather, and of course worn by God Save the Queen Fashions
Sword and Armor by Volpin Props
Photography by Dan Almasy