Doctor Who Themed Valentine’s Day Card

Since today is Valentine’s Day and I leave these sorts of things to the last minute, I was thinking of what I might do for my lovely wife. Of course, being the geek that I am, I wanted it to have special meaning so she would know it came from me. This means an easy grab of poetic Hallmark Cards and chocolate were just not going to do.

I couldn’t just hide a raptor in a romantic picture of us, but that was headed in the right direction.

Then I saw this Valentine’s Day card, and I knew nothing I came up with was going to top that.

I couldn’t imagine a more perfect Valentine’s card!


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    • The "Via" link above takes you to the page I found it on, which links to a Tumblr account that doesn't give credit to the original crafty geek.

      I did manage to make one of my own in photoshop, cardstock and some glue.

      Yes, my wife loved it.

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