Multi-Billion Dollar Geeks Don’t Always Have Good Grades

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Steve Jobs has always been hailed as the geek who wasn’t that smart kid practically kneeling in front of the lecturer to get even more work than that was already set. I recall it going around that he didn’t go to college – it was around the time a lot of people I knew were considering University and he was often held as an example that the education system isn’t for everyone.

Well apparently, even in high school our “Think Different” genius was not a shining star. From his recently released FBI file (I had no idea there was a public vault of FBI files!) it’s been revealed that he got an average of 2.65 on the standard 4.0 scale at Homestead High School (page 79 of the file). For those of us not familiar with the system, this translates to getting mostly Bs and Cs.

So hey, if you’re not doing so well in school and people try to tell you that you aren’t a sexy geek – tell em to stuff it up their Macbook!

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6 Responses to Multi-Billion Dollar Geeks Don’t Always Have Good Grades

  1. Why do someone who can sell millions of craps to the scum (OK more likely to hipster social class with that prices) has to be genius or at least smart? He wasn’t inventor, he wasn’t god, he was just good manager and seller.

    • For the most part, and about the later part of Apple's history, I'm inclined to agree with you. But in the beginning, when it was just him an Woz, he was involved.
      He has the markings of someone who's grades are based entirely on how interesting they find the subject. My guess is if his High School offered Comp Sci classes, he would have had As in those.
      That said, I still do not personally like the man.

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