Mattel to release a Real Back to the Future Hoverboard

Back to the Future has offered us a peek into time to come, but most impressive is the technology that we are likely to encounter – according to the film.

The future was already predicted when Marty McFly tries his hands at a classic arcade game from the 80s in a retro-styled diner. The kids observing, instead of being in awe of his impressive quickdraw skills, ask incredulously, “You use your hands??” and walk away in disgust. And here we are playing with our Xbox Kinects. This is the future!

Flying cars were obvious, but we also get a peek at self-lacing shoes, size-adjusting jackets that dry you off, and of course, the hovering skateboard.

This year’s ToyFair has revealed that a limited edition, movie replica, WORKING HOVERBOARD will be available for pre-order this year.

“Working” might be a bit of an exaggeration. Yes, it does hover. The board will glide across surfaces, but the company warns it will not work on water. It also cannot support the weight of a human. Any human.

Still, it is a neat collectable item that will make you the talk of any party. Well, any party of geeks in their 30s.

And of course, with Back to the Future being all prophetic with technology trends, we know the Mayans were wrong.

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