Read a Real Book! [Picture]

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15 Responses to Read a Real Book! [Picture]

  1. This is not funny. A girl is reading something you wouldn't read, so it's okay to throw a book at her face? Ha.

  2. Buraian, just what I was popping on to say. That, and the Twilight book doesn't have the right dimensions (librarian here; I had to handle the stupid thing all day every day).

    • yikes… you notice the dimensions of the twilight book but not the other? maybe you should quit your day job.

  3. That's why I like modern times. When reading on my kindle, nobody can see or judge what I am reading. My book, my business. Yay freedom!

  4. Honestly people reading twilight are still reading which is better than just watching TV for entertainment. Sure it's shlock but I'd rather people read shlock than nothing at all. Besides LoTR while insanely influential can be a downright boring read, I certainly wouldn't recommend it as anybody first high fantasy read for fear it might turn them off from the genre.

    • I'd rather watch something on the television with a degree of educational value or even a vaguely interesting message than read the ignorant supernatural fantasies of a young Mormon girl. "But people are reading WORDS, and that's good for you no matter WHAT the content!" Please.

  5. I'm presuming everyone has noticed that both books are photo-shopped in making in just another anti-twilight picture.

  6. Is the joke that the Lord of the Rings is also High School level reading?
    Maybe it would be better if it was a copy of "The Sun Also Rises".

  7. It is amusing that people compare the readability of fiction with other fiction. Sure, it can be difficult to understand Shakespeare's hybrid English, but that is mostly translation. You can read through King Lear without thinking at all about Moral, Philosophical or Anagogical meanings, whether or not they are actually there. Whereas philosophy and science are all about meanings and it would be fruitless to read them as one would read Stephen King — that is, for amusement.

    Don't get me wrong I enjoy sitting down with Homer and Dante but I usually do so under the premise that there is more to the story than a procession of events and shifting emotions. If you want a truly challenging read pick up something in Neurophilosophical Functional Analysis like Thomas Metzinger's "Being No One".