Oh Velma, You Sexy Thing! [Pic]

My childhood version of this woman has officially been mangled and confused. She was the nerdy little girl who was just so much smarter than everyone else and never got any action. To know there’s something under that façade…well that just ruins my 2-dimensional cartoon character upbringing doesn’t it? Now I’m going to questions whether Papa Smurf had a secret sex dungeon at the bottom of his mushroom house…

Then again, upon growing up, I do know plenty of nerd girls who are just…wild. So who knows what’s hiding behind that coordinated orange outfit and those enormous magnifying glasses. Maybe when her eyes become smaller, so do her inhibitions…

No…no…it’s just too creepy.

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    • I'm a librarian. We heartily approve of this kind of endorsement.
      (Did I mention that I also have glasses, work in a University, and have 3 degrees and a PhD?)

  1. People who never date a nerd woman, never grow any real appreciation of good erotica or eroticism. We do our research, we LIKE research, and we learn what we like, and TRY to learn what men like because learning IS our form of entertainment.

  2. Glasses make my slinky go boing-boing-boing alright.
    nerd chicks are usally very apreicetive of romantic atention, where as the party chick is used to being chased.
    You know where the nerd has been, Can you say the same for the party chick?
    In 10 years the nerd will be just as hot if not hotter, the party chick will probally look destressed 50, in rehab, fat, nine kids on welfare.

    • being a nerd and being a partier don't have to be mutually exclusive.

      also, the label "nerd" is virtually meaningless these days.

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