Massively Sexy Selene (Underworld) Cosplay [Picture]

This, ladies and gentlegeeks, is Deviantart user SinaDominoCollins cosplaying as Selene from Underworld. Wow.

Cosplayer: SinaDominoCollins
Photographer: MarcoRibbe-de


14 Responses to Massively Sexy Selene (Underworld) Cosplay [Picture]

  1. If you noticed the gas sockets on the undersides of the pistols, meaning theyre airosft guns and not real first, I have bad news for you…

  2. Like everyone else I’ll say: it’s you. This girl is quite pretty, but she’s no Kate Beckinsale… in leather… with guns… *shiver*

  3. She's a very very pretty girl, but she's too delicate for my taste.

    Selene stands on people's throats and shoots them in the head…. I can't see this girl doing that and not feeling a bit bad about it.

  4. No one can become hotter than Kate Beckinsale as Selene. Everything was accurate; the guns, leather and hair. Its just that she seems so fragile. I absolutely agree with Emily.

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