George Lucas Claims Han Didn’t Shoot First In *Original* “New Hope”

Well, this has had my Facebook and Twitter feed abuzz for a hot minute.  So now, George “Jar Jar” Lucas is now making the claim that, in the original “New Hope”, Han Solo did not shoot Greedo first.  Now, this might seem trivial.  Insignificant.  But I implore you: once you tell a story like this, once it infects the populus like a virus, it becomes OURS, not YOURS.  Therefore, you do not have the right to go back and change what you’ve created. It cheapens the original experience and flips the bird to your original fans.



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  1. George Lol Lucas…
    It is ridiculous now… of course Han shoot first, because he was a smuggler scum, a scruffy looking nerf herder! And later on he changed, helped the rebels, and even risked his own life for others, because he changed, went home and rethinked his life! This is how a character can change, evolve in a story and this is good… and when you claim like this Han-didn't-shoot-first bullshit, everybody have the bad feeling about it and rightly so!


  2. “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it."- Joseph Goebbels

    I saw the first film, in the cinema, when it was first released in the cinema in the UK and I can tell you, Mr Lying Lucas, Han shoots first.

    It made him a much more intriguing and unpredictable character than the usual saintly American film hero and made his decisions far more dynamic. You could really believe he would walk away from the war once he got paid and his return more thrilling.

    If he's so politically correct as to wait for Greebo to shoot first he's an idiot.

    He isn't and neither are we, Mr. Lucas.

  3. IMHO I think the biggest crime was replacing the original, Elder Anakin with annoying Hayden,whatever his last name is, at the end of “Return of the Jedi”. Soooo glad I bought Episodes IV-VI on DVD BEFORE they make all those stupid changes!

  4. I was reading about the other day on another site where they have YouTube clips from the classic and the special edition for comparison. Personally I always felt it made sense for Han to have shot first for many of the same reasons stated here. End of the day he knew Greedo and knew he was gonna try to kill him.

    However to be devil's advocate I went through the classic frame by frame (as best as Youtube allows) and honestly it's really debatable. You really can't tell who shot first at all in the original because of the way the special effects were. But at one frame you can see two blast burst implying both men at least got a round off. There's a smaller blast showing right above about where Han's left hand is propped up on the seat. And a larger blast area coming from where Han's gun is situated. Now one could argue that the smaller blast above Han's arm and shoulder is Greedo's and is smaller because the round was fired first.

    But personally I like to think it's the other way around and it's smaller because it went off after Han's and misses because Greedo fired under the pressure of having been shot himself. Sorry, Han is not a Jedi and is just not fast enough to dodge a laser blast from a trained bounty hunter at point blank range. Heck even if Greedo wasn't trained and was just a bad shot. No way in hell, even if he was nervous, he could have missed that shot being that close to Han.

    • I'm telling you now as someone who has the first release of star wars on VHS from the 1980's. In the original Han was the only one to shoot. The one you are looking at is most likely the remastered version where Lucas started dicking around with things.

      • ^ This.
        It took me some time to realize it, but the fact is most people haven't seen the real originals at all. Everything released after 1997 is marred by Lucas' retelling.

        Han didn't shoot first; Han was the only one that shot at all.

  5. Dear George.

    In regards to Han not shooting first. The copy of of Star Wars A New Hope from the 1980's VHS release that I own must be a special version because it damn well shows Han shooting first. I'll sell it back to you for $500,000.

    Sincerely someone who is sick of your BS.

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