The Cutest (And Saddest) Thing You’ll See Today: Collapsing Cooling Towers Video

Think the headline doesn’t make much sense? Just watch the video below and you’ll understand.

It’s time to move on. Our country, and all of us, need to move from a fossil fuel past to a renewable energy future.

The mood in Britain has turned very much against the Big Six energy companies. And it’s not hard to see why. People are fed up with the unethical pricing, complex tariffs, awful customer service and the dire lack of investment in new sources of green energy.

It’s become quite unbearable, self evidently. Even the government are calling on people to leave the Big Six.

People:Power can bring change to the energy sector — when people join Ecotricity they vote with their energy bills – and the more that do so the better. Together we can harness the energy bills of Britain and direct them to a proper outcome – the creation of a Green, energy independent Britain — a Green Britain.


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  1. You know this is totally false, do you?
    No energy source is as efficient, and cheap, as nuclear power.
    In gross numbers, to produce the same amount of energy as ONE nuclear plant, you would need like a million windmills, and this considering strong winds (>50 mph) EVERY SINGLE DAY.

    • its about time someone slapped sense into these hippys. dont get me wrong im all for stopping gas and coal but i hate the ignorance of people when it comes to nuclear power.

  2. This is a shamefull plump for a small and not cheap supplier….

    … someone who works in this industry I must say that Scottish power is the leader in wind energy and also invest alot of money in renewable energy sources. SSE have also been doing alot lately and the parent companies of Npower and EDF have been doing alot in europe. All in all, these smaller suppliers only serve to confuse the customers (who are lied to by these small companies with the promises of lower bills and better service and customers receive neither!)

    Out of all of these small companies they account for less than 1% of the market but every time I speak to a customer that has went to one of these companies they have been lied to in some way, shape or form. Ecotricity is a very expensive company and customers who are looking for small bills will be misled by this page and that advert into thinking that Ecotricity is a great company – they resell energy produce by other companies.

    Half of the problem with the industry is that OFGEM recently very publicly put pressure on big suppliers and have fined a few (SSE, npower and I think EON – dont quote me on EON) but that is what has troubled the energy market in the last two years the most – afterall prices are going to rise every now and then – all that outrage last year but prices have dropped since – thats what you get for shutting down nuclear plants!!!

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