Converse One Star Super Mario Bros. Pumps

These awesome-looking Converse One Star Super Mario Bros. pumps are due to be released in March 2012. Unfortunately, it appears they’ll only be available in Japan. Sadness.

[Via Likecool]


4 Responses to Converse One Star Super Mario Bros. Pumps

  1. Of course they won't be available in the U.S., but if Mario was holding a 9mm. semi-auto, sideways of course, with his pants belted across his nuts with his boxer clad ass hanging out……
    It all has to do with thug vs. nerd ration here and in Japan.
    Look at Nike, they can convince the 'intellectually challenged' to not only stand in line for the release of, but actually riot and commit assault and battery at mall shoe stores upon release of some of the ugliest, stupidest, silliest sneaker designs just by giving a few pair to big name rappers and B-ballers to wear.
    And some people will buy a pair in every color…to match their hats,……….rather than things like say, healthy food, kids vitamins, or condoms. Which comes as no surprise when the sweatsuit is considered 'formal attire'.

  2. I like ’em. In this country, I get a pair of old fabric Chuck Taylors and some good fabric paint. OOO! Maybe glow in the dark for the star.

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