An Animated History Of Aviation [Video]

This video portrays a brief history of aviation in 3D animation. While there are many contributions to aviation that could not be included, this video shows many of the substantial advancements that propelled aviation to what it has become today.

[Via Neatorama]


8 Responses to An Animated History Of Aviation [Video]

  1. While the video itself is pretty informative and nicely done it has quite a few discrepancies.
    – It doesn't mention about airships other than the burning Hindenburg. What about the Zeppellin?
    – It doesn't mention helium filled balloons with ballast that where widely used in 19th century.
    – It doesn't mention helicopters, while they are certainly different from airplanes
    – It doesn't mention Concord – the largest civil airplain ever.
    – Space i not really aviation but anyways if we go in that direction, how come The First man in space – Gagarin – is not mentioned???

    Would be great if the author could correct all of these mistake and reissue the work to make it truly perfect.

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