My Understanding of Google’s New Privacy Policy [Comic]

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7 Responses to My Understanding of Google’s New Privacy Policy [Comic]

  1. I've always viewed Google as a service that charges information rather than money for it's services. It wants to know pretty much everything about me, and in exchange I get a search engine and programs and other cool things. I guess some people are bothered by this, but I never have been.

  2. All I use is gmail and the search. It doesn't have a profile on me that it will show me. This makes me sad, I want to be mistaken for an 18 year old boy like everybody else.

  3. People use Google for different reasons. I personally like to use quite a few of their services to connect, to make quick purchases of items I use constantly, and to get my writing career going someday. Even though I'm pretty sure I don't wanna know how they knew about that thing on my butt. >.>

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