What Happened to Superman’s Underpants?

With DC Comics’ newest reboot, one of the most impacting disasters has been Superman’s lack of “underwear on the outside” design to his costume. So what happened to his discarded gitch? Well, apparently they have been mass produced in Malaysia in an effort to combat small penis size and impotence.

Of course.

Residential neighborhoods in Tampoi have been plastered with ads for “Superman’s Underpants,” which are supposed to be able to cure sexual problems. The special undergarments, which come equipped with magnets, are supposed to be able to cure impotence and increase penis size.

And the magnet pants are selling like crazy!

I don’t recall these features specifically being Superman’s powers, nor do I recall his suit granting him powers, but at least we now know why Lois usually has a smile on her face.

I wonder if this is a case of “lost in translation” where they are simply implying that their magnet pants can give you a super manhood?



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  1. Superman looked really dumb with red underwear on the outside. It was mainly done for the old 40's comics to help Superman appear not nude but it has looked ridiculous ever since.

    Seriously this is an improvement that's over a half century over due.

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