New Game of Thrones Season #2 Trailer

Don’t miss the new season of “Game Of Thrones,” premiering on April 1st, 2012!



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  1. as a reader of these books, but not a viewer of these shows, can anyone tell me what sort of pace they are making here? seeing as how there are many books, and they are fairly long, and the series is not even finished, i have a concern that somewhere down the line GAS posts a season 18 teaser.

  2. I'm on the third book now, but having watched the first season, I'd say the show sticks pretty close to the first book. Here's to hoping season two is just as good!
    It looks pretty good.
    @Dadomon, watch the show, trust me. Also, here's to hoping for a season/book 18! LOL

  3. Dadomon: so far its been one book one season, so hopefully seven seasons.

    Kev: you have failed at life if you have not seen game of thrones season one. Rectify this immediately so you can progress with the rest of us.

      • There have been 5 books published, 2 unwritten – and in regions outside of the USA book 3 is split into two volumes.

        So 7 books, 8 physical books

        • Well, I know only about the books that have been written… and I doubt there are enough characters alive at the end of book 5 to go LOL but that is just my speculation. I'm still in the middle of book 2.

          And I live outside the US and none of my books are split. Seeing that the show is filmed in the US, I would assume they follow the US publishing, tho.

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