OMG WHY: Sexy Vampire Reusable Menstrual Goddess Cloth Pad

Believe it or not, this thing has already been sold… but the question remains: WHY? WHY WOULD SOMEONE BUY SOMETHING LIKE THIS?


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      • OMG Ewwwwww periods exist? Why do I want to hear about that?????!! ummmmmmmmm I don't really understand what's so offensive about this. Many women use cloth pads because they're way healthier and safer to use. Obviously, this makes a monthly necessity product way more fun, and funny. Why bleed on a plain ol cloth when you can bleed on 'sexy vampire'? The logic should be obvious. The question is why isn't there way more of these kinds of things out there? I wanna bleed on the face of the grim reaper or on an image of some dead dictator. hahahaaaaaaa

  1. Bwahahaha! I use cloth pads, and one of the fun things is the crazy prints you can get. Admittedly, I wouldn't ever wear something like this (a little weird for me), but it's hilarious none-the-less. XD

  2. For the universe to be in harmony, all tho gs must balance.
    Light and Darkness.
    Good and Evil.
    Awesome and Terrible.
    Wood and Glass USS Enterprise Coffee Table ….
    and This.

  3. OMG the print! LOL! I use cloth pads also (who in their right mind wants to wear stinky chafing chemical filled plastic up against their ladybits for a week every month? And just THINK how much of it is in the landfill!), but that would just be creepy. I prefer prints without a face. Way more women than you might realize, especially geeky women, use this type because they are more comfortable and smell way less, plus you only have to buy them or make them once every couple of years because you just toss them in the washer at the end of the week.

  4. "toss them in the washer at the end of the week." – Ewwwwwww you'd wear it for a week before washing it? If I was female and used one I'd be washing it every day :p

    • Most women have a collection of several sizes, with different liners and whatnot do that they have enough to last them a whole week. However, most women who wear cloth pads will put them into a container to soak during that week, and then wash them all at once do they're not doing tin loads of laundry every day. This, why she said "at the end of the week".

      • Yes, I do, three different kinds. I used "them" to denote more than one, versus "it" to represent a singular pad. A week's supply was of course implied. Goodness I'd hope I have more than one lol! That's exactly what I do, put them in a little plastic tub with a lid to soak with baking soda, then wash all of them at once at the end of the week. I'm allergic to something in those icky plastic disposables, so cloth was a natural choice for me. Lol if I can handle having cloth diapered my daughter even AFTER introducing solid foods, I can handle a little bit of blood.

  5. One could consider this "going green" in a funny way? I sure hope it's meant to be funny. At least it isn't Edward's face….

  6. I had always thought that vampires would get horny around a girls period, but I guess I'm the only one.

    At least this is not as bad as the Edward Cullen panties.

  7. This conversation seems to be getting out of hand. I normally would have guessed that a post like this would die out after a few Twilight references but noooo… lol

  8. as a bloke and a biomed student whats wrong with this its only the physiologic discharge through the vagina of blood and muscosal tissues from a non pregnant woman- god anyone would think it was something to do with coitus! Its only our throw away society that thinks its weird- When i was a baby 28 years ago i have been told my parents used terry towel nappies (washable diapers for Americans) theses were washable and essentially the same thing- now they are coming back in fashion

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