Moby Dick on Toilet Paper

So…many…jokes.  Ebay bidding starts at $200, apparently.  Good way to spend your money, till your buddy comes over and drinks all your beer and leaves your bathroom with “Call Me Ishmael” stuck to his shoe.

[Ebay Auction | Via Geekologie]

2 Responses to Moby Dick on Toilet Paper

  1. it's okay if you live alone and have no visitors, but if somebody comes by and takes a dump… could miss out on critical passages, pages, or even chapters if they have a case of Montezuma's Revenge…………LOL!

  2. I saw some TP with G.W.Bush's face all over it about 5 years ago. The store owner where they were selling it (San Fransisco) said they couldn't keep it on the shelves it was selling so fast. That seems like a better idea…

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