Real-Life Legolas Shoots the Bow Like a Boss [Video]

Yes geeks, Legolas is alive, and he’s a Russian woman named Iza Privezenceva. Check her out in action below:

[Via Neatorama]

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  1. Speed without accuracy means nothing. She's using a extremely light weight bow hitting a very large target from close distance.

  2. It's practice….. Get the technique down first, then go for accuracy of the shot. Look at how the rug is moving. She's only throwing 1 out of every 3 or 4 shots.

    I want to know where I can find out more about her draw and release technique.

  3. Actually she has a real target, it looks like a coffee can lid on a string hanging over the pink rug in the middle. You can see it dance around from being shot at. Hard to tell if she's hitting though I think she is.

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  5. the only thing decent is the consistency of drawing and shooting.shes what 25 feet from the target. i could hit targets from that far when i was 9 and i was good enough to have it where my arrows stuck to my target. let her try a moving target or multiple targets see how good she is.

    • Definitely more. Look at the trajectory and and the delay between release and hit. She's firing across a basketball 3-point line, which is 39' 6", but she's closer to the key, and the target isn't all the way across the line, so she's probably about 30' away. The time from her release to impact is pretty close to .2 seconds. This is a release speed of 150 ft/second. With blunts on her arrows, that's not an insignificant release. I'd say it's at least a 35# draw.

      But, yeah, she makes it look really light. Practice will do that. I once thought the archer at Warwick Castle must have been drawing a really light bow because of the ease of his drawing, and the 21 rounds he got off in a minute. Then I saw the almost flat trajectory over 60 yards. O.O I talked to him afterwards, and his draw weight was about 75# on a 6' self-yew longbow. So the ease of the archer's draw does not always give a good indication of draw weight.

      • Around 30# is probably right. However that is what many kids draw at. I have a still light 45# bow and the difference in tension and recoil between that and a 30# bow is pretty dramatic.

  6. Yeah…She’s fast, but the few shots where they showed her actually hitting the target, the only time she had any kind of accuracy was when she was standing still. Otherwise she was, quite literally, all over the rug. Better speed and accuracy than an untrained marksman? Yes. But hitting a 4×10 surface from 25-30 feet while moving isn’t anything more than a parlor trick. And yeah. When she stopped moving, she was getting more hits on target than not. But at that distance, that’s really not that impressive.

    She’s an average shot, but she’s fast. That’s the only impressive thing about her…and quite a few people are just as fast, and more accurate.

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